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Dementia: Smoking bumps up dementia risk by 30 percent in study

Dementia is a disease that kills tens of thousands each year through its different forms. But according to experts, one of the major causes of the disease is preventable.

Another, more recent meta-review looked at over 37 studies on the subject and concluded that current smokers are 30 percent more likely to develop some form of dementia.

Exactly how smoking may cause dementia isn’t fully known, although researchers have been learning more about possible mechanisms over the years.

A well-known threat that comes from smoking is the conditions it can cause. Smoking heightens your risk of strokes.Strokes, aside from being devastating, can lead to the onset of vascular dementia – caused by the restricted blood flow to the brain during a stroke.


Early symptoms of dementia

Some symptoms of dementia are more obvious than others and they become increasingly so as the disease progresses.

You may notice someone with dementia has mood changes and may struggle to follow a conversation or find the right word, according to the NHS.

People with dementia are also often confused about time and place.

If you are concerned that you have dementia, visit your GP. But if you are concerned that someone you know has dementia, encourage them to go to their GP and could offer to go with them.

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