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Paint colours to ’stay away’ from in the kitchen – ‘makes them feel claustrophobic’

Kitchens are one of the most important rooms in the home, where families and couples come together to cook a meal, and enjoy it if lucky enough to have an open plan space. This means the interior design of a kitchen is extremely important, especially when it comes down to the paint colour of the walls in the room. 

Ryan McDonough, interior design expert at MyJobQuote, has shared the paint colours to “stay away” from when painting the kitchen.

The expert told Express.co.uk: “Kitchens are the room within the home where most families spend the majority of their time.

“When painting your kitchen, it’s important to stay away from basic browns, dark shades of red, green, purple and blue.

“These shades can really bring your walls inward. This can create an enclosed feel, and makes them feel claustrophobic.”

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“However, it’s vital you plan this tactfully. Ensure you go with pure black, not grey or off-black. 

“This will help avoid a dull atmosphere and contrast the black with plenty of light.”

If painting to simply uplift a room in the home, it is often down to personal space. 

However, if painting to sell a home, which can often encourage buyers to view the property, the expert recommended going with a colour scheme to attract them.

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These colours tend to be bright, cosy colours which are inviting to guests such as white, grey and beige.

Ryan said: “Soft muted blue and green shades also work well to give the home a welcoming vibe.

“It’s also great to take into consideration that different colours can affect your mood.

“Studies have shown that soft blues and greens bring a calming, serene atmosphere to a room, making them the perfect colour options for rooms like the bedroom or bathroom.

“White gives a feeling of cleanliness and brightens up a room considerably, which can do wonders when you’re feeling overwhelmed.”

Pale oranges and yellows are often popular colours in rooms such as the living room as they bring an “exciting energy”, according to Ryan.

However, it is important to stay away from reds, as it can raise the needy level in a room and activate the mind too much.

The expert said: “These shades can also bring on a feeling of danger, stress, fear and negativity.” 

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