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Lizards: From tiny geckos to giant Komodo dragons

Lizards are a diverse and ancient group of reptiles that live around the world today. There are thousands of lizard species, and each has special adaptations and traits. There are lizards with frills, lizards with horns, and lizards with wings. Most lizards have four legs, but some get by on two legs and others have no legs at all. 

The name “lizard” doesn’t correspond to a single scientific group. Lizards belong to the order Squamata, which they share with snakes. There are several subgroups within Squamata that are commonly called lizards, including geckos, iguanas, worm lizards and Autarchoglossa, according to the Integrated Taxonomic Information System (opens in new tab) (ITIS), a partnership of North American agencies, organizations and taxonomists that provides taxonomic information. All lizards are sometimes grouped under the suborders Lacertilia or Sauria, but ITIS doesn’t consider these to be valid scientific groups. 

Are lizards dinosaurs?

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