Electric hydroplane boat: ‘It feels like we’re flying’

[ad_1] Traditional motor boats use fuel which emits greenhouse gases, can leak petrol and can cause noise pollution.But Swedish company Candela is hoping to solve these issues with their electric hydroplane boat, which effectively glides above the waves, reducing friction and energy usage.BBC Click’s Lara Lewington gives the battery-powered craft a test drive on the Swedish coast.See more at Click's website and @BBCClick [ad_2] Source link

Have I got Covid, a bad cold or something else?

[ad_1] Image source, Getty ImagesImage caption, The symptoms of Covid and other respiratory infections are now very similarAs the latest version of the Omicron variant continues to spread quickly, the official list of Covid symptoms has been expanded in England - but not yet in the rest of the UK. So how can you tell if you've got Covid, a bad cold or something else?What are the symptoms to look

Alec Baldwin said his family ‘live in fear’ after he was ‘attacked’ by Lyme disease

[ad_1] The actor, who rose to fame through the soap opera Knots Landing, described his home in the Hamptons, New York state as “tick central”. In a recent interview, Baldwin revealed he had the tick-borne disease several times."I think twice that I had it, I got bit twice and I probably had it four times over five years where it came back at the exact same time,” Baldwin told Sean
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Ukraine war: Mum describes bomb crashing into her family home

[ad_1] Olena Selichzianowa's home in the eastern Ukrainian region of Dnipropetrovsk Oblast was destroyed by a bomb on 11 March.She and her twin boys were blinded by flying glass and Olena's leg was broken.The BBC spoke to her in Poland, where the family received urgent treatment.Warning: This video contains distressing content [ad_2] Source link
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Zelensky spokesman describes heartbreaking scenes in Ukraine

[ad_1] A spokesman for Ukraine's President Zelensky has told the BBC that mass graves have been discovered in recaptured territory.Serge Nykyforov told Clive Myrie on the Sunday Morning programme, the scenes were heartbreaking and described how executed civilians had been found.Warning: This video contains distressing content [ad_2] Source link

Petula Clark health: Star, 89, on her ‘difficult’ depression and treatment

[ad_1] Joining Alan Titchmarsh on his ITV show Love Your Weekend this morning (Sunday, April 3) to discuss her long career in showbiz, Clark looks back on all her achievements with pride. But back in 2013, the star also opened up about the tougher side to fame. This included her fears that stardom has adversely affected her three children, Barbara, Kate and Patrick and her brief bout of depression which